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Escort Introduces Custom-Install Passport


Escort recently
introduced its newest Passport
radar and laser detector, the Passport
8500ci Plus, a custom-install model starting
at $999.

The radar detector features the company’s
Defender Database, which compiles
traffic-light, speed-trap and speed-camera
locations. Escort called the ambientsealed
model “easy to install.” It is meant
for under-hood mounting behind the grille
while the display controller mounts in the
cockpit of the car.

Features include the company’s GPSbased
TrueLock technology, which manually
locks out false alerts with a touch of
a button. It has Escort’s AutoSensitivity
technology for automatically adjusting radar
performance based on driving speed,
as well as ExpertMeter for alerting and
displaying multiple radar threats simultaneously
and SpecDisplay for reporting the
exact frequency of a threat source.

Cruise Alert is designed to let users
control for reduction of alerts under a set
speed, while its Traffic Signal Rejection
software rejects traffic-flow K band monitors.
A Mark Location feature lets drivers
label locations for later reminders.

The device also comes with 11 user-selectable
preference settings.