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Epson Salts Market With Its First Lamp-Based 4K Projectors

Epson is bringing 4KUltra HD to its lamp projectors for the first time with the launch of four SKUS, all representing the company’s first 4K projectors with high dynamic range (HDR) and DCI-P3 wide color gamut.

The products, which use the Open HDR standard, are due in late summer. They are the $3,999-suggested 6040UB and $2,699 4040, both in the Pro Cinema series, and the $2,999 5040 and $3,299 5040UBe, both in the Home Cinema series. The latter two models are identical except for the inclusion of Wireless HD technology to transmit 4K HDR content wirelessly to the projector from a video source.

The front projectors will join the Epson’s only other 4K capable projector, the $7,999-suggested Pro Cinema LS1000 laser-based projector, which lacks HDR.

All four models use second-generation E-Shift technology to deliver 4K resolution, combining three 1080p LCD chips in lieu of a single 4K chip to keep the price within reach of Epson’s customer base, said senior trainer Jeff Paiva.

They’re also the projectors in Epson’s home entertainment lineup with power zoom, power focus and power lens shift. They also feature 10-position lens memory. The Pro Cinema 6040 adds anamorphic aspect ratios to work with an outboard lens.

Also new is a new lens assembly and optical engine to improve color-field uniformity, he said. A new industrial design is “more elegant, less intimidating, and less aggressive (than previous Epson projectors) to fit into the home in an understated manner,” he added.

All feature HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2 copy protection and 3D 1080p projection.

Compared with previous Epson 1080p projectors in these price ranges, the four models are slightly brighter and deliver higher dynamic contract ratios.

All but the 4040 improve white and color brightness to 2,500 ANSI lumens from their 1080p predecessors’ 2,400 lumens, and their dynamic contrast ratio jumps to 1,000,000:1 from 600,000:1. The 4040 goes to 2,200 lumens from 2,000 lumens in its 1080p predecessors and to a 160,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio from 120,000:1.

The $2,999 5040UB delivers superior performance compared with a $16,000 front projector from another company, Paiva contends.

The Pro Cinema models will be available in August through CEDIA channels and specialty dealers. The Home Cinema models will be available August through select retailers, e-tailers and Epson’s online store.