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EPOS Handwriting-To-PC Product Launches

CE newcomer EPOS will officially launch its first two products at International CES that take advantage of the company’s proprietary handwriting recognition technology.

The digital pen and cordless mouse and the digital pen and USB drive use a positioning technology based on acoustics, said company founder/CEO Oded Eliashiv. In the case of the first product, there is a tiny transmitter embedded inside the pen, which sends signals to a Wi-Fi receiver that sits near the paper. As the pen moves, the receiver takes note of its position then sends these signals to the PC where they are converted into a text file. It works with any paper or writing surface.

EPOS is an original design manufacturer and will not produce the devices for sale under its own name. Eliashiv expects to shortly announce what companies will make the devices. The first should be on the market during the second quarter of 2006 with a suggested retail price under $49.

The digital pen and USB drive will be shown more as a concept product at CES this week than a final product. This product uses the same positional technology, but instead of transferring the data directly to a computer, the data is stored on a USB flash drive embedded inside the pen. The pen can hold between 2MB and 1GB of flash memory; the 2MB will hold about 50 pages of writing. The information is then downloaded into a PC through its USB port.

Pricing and expected availability were not available as of press time.