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Epoq Brand Stresses Integrated Flat-Panel TV

The principal executives with the U.S. Luce and Helios flat-panel TV brands announced they have launched another company, called Titan Global Commerce, to introduce a new line of upscale flat-panel TVs under the Epoq brand.

Daniel Sparrow, who serves as president and chief technical officer of Titan Global and S-Squared Technologies, which handles the Luce and Helios lines, explained he brought in a new financial partner to launch Titan Global/Epoq in order to meet the growing demand for fully integrated flat-panel HDTVs.

The line is positioned for high-end retail distribution, focusing on “the converging digital media and consumer video technology sector.”

Sparrow said the company is run by “a group of seasoned industry experts in product design, development and marketing.” It has contracts “with about seven different factories” for products, he added.

The line will be marketed with a selective distribution strategy, working “exclusively with custom audio/video retailers and installers,” Sparrow said. Qualified dealers and installers will have the ability to “educate consumers about high-end performance and features that set the Epoq line apart from other brands.”

Distribution will be handled direct to dealers and through manufacturers’ reps, Sparrow said. There are no plans to work with distributors.

Sparrow said the Epoq line will focus on products with integrated tuning, adding that some fully integrated flat-panel models planned for S-Squared Technologies under the Luce brand “never came to fruition.”

He added, “These Epoq models are basically the integrated products we planned for Luce.”

All models will include tuners “that are built into the sets. We will not use tethered boxes like other brands,” Sparrow said. The flat-panel products will feature Euro-style cosmetic designs with brushed aluminum or silver plastic cabinetry.

Products currently available under the Epoq brand include three HDTV- level plasma televisions with integrated ATSC and NTSC tuners in the 63W-inch ($22,995 suggested retail), 50W-inch ($10,995) and 42W-inch ($6,495) screen sizes.

Also shipping are two 42W-inch EDTV-level plasma displays with built-in NTSC tuners ($3,995 and $4,295) and HDTV-level monitor-only plasma displays in the 42W-inch ($5,995) and 50W-inch ($8,995) screen sizes.

In LCD TV, Epoq is carrying two 30W-inch HDTV-level (1,280 pixels by 768 pixels) panels with integrated NTSC tuner ($4,295 and $4,495). Planned for May delivery is a 40W-inch LCD TV with integrated NTSC tuner ($8,995 suggested retail).

Later in the year, Sparrow said, Epoq will be expanded with combination TV/PCs.

Titan Global Commerce can be contacted through the Web site, or by calling (561) 395-7702.