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Emotiva Audio Prepares Lifestyle Series, Modular Amps, Speakers

A lifestyle-oriented base-broadening Emersa series of slim audio components, a modular amplifier series, and new speakers with ribbon tweeters will be on tap at Emotiva’s Venetian suite at CES.

The Emersa slim-component lineup is designed to bring “high-performance sonics and elegant design to consumers who appreciate the home listening experience but who are not necessary audiophiles,” the company said. It will be sold through dealers and direct to consumers.

Emersa: Six Emersa components at CES will include a home theater preamp processor, stereo preamp, stereo integrated amp, and three stereo amplifiers. All electronics components feature slim 1RU height. Other products will come later in 2016, including an integrated home theater system that consists of an AVR-like hub without AM/FM tuner, a passive five-channel soundbar, and a wireless powered subwoofer.

The integrated system won’t be displayed at CES, but the following products will:

The $899-suggested EMP-1 7.1-channel home theater preamp processor features white dot-matrix OLED display, Dirac Live room correction, USB DAC, full 7.1-channel unbalanced analog outputs, balanced subwoofer output, built-in Bluetooth, Ethernet remote-control option, and machined-metal infrared remote.

The EPA-1 $599 stereo preamp features optional digital audio inputs, four pairs of stereo line-level analog inputs, and one moving-magnet phono input. In stereo mode, the EPA-1 can be connected to a standard stereo power amp or a pair of powered speakers. In 2.1-channel mode, the main outputs can be configured with a fixed 80Hz high-pass crossover, with a separate summed output to a powered subwoofer.

One of three optional digital-input modules for the EPA-1 provides USB audio input for connection to a PC. A second provides audiophile-quality USB audio input with AKM 32-bit D/A converter, and a universal-streaming module delivers digital audio streaming via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.

The $799 EPI-1 is a stereo integrated amplifier with optional digital audio inputs. It combines all of the features of the Emersa Pre-1, including input options, with 2×100-watt RMS ICEpower Class D amplification.

Three Emersa amps are the $599 EDA-2, $799 EDA-5, and $999 EDA-7 rated at 2×150 watts RMS into 8 ohms, 5×125 watts, and 7×125 watts, respectively.

Modular amp series: The modular amp series is the reference-level XPA Gen 3, which can be shipped to consumers in two- to seven-channel. Consumers order the amp modules they want, and the amp is built to order on the same day and shipped directly to consumer. Modular construction means the amps can be upgraded with additional channels at a later time.

Each channel features Emotiva’s differential input, fully complementary, short signal path Class A/B amplifier circuitry, and Class H power topology.

The lineup starts with the $999 XPA-2 rated at 2×350 watts into 8 ohms up to $1,999 for the 7×250-watt XPA-7. The three- to six-channel versions are priced at $1,199, $1,399, $1,599, and $1,799. All outputs are rated into 8 ohms.

The amps feature ultra-high current, short signal path with both balanced and unbalanced inputs, trigger input and output, and blue LED bar-graph power meters.

Airmotiv Speakers: New speakers with folded-ribbon tweeters consist of a $349-each three-way tower, $299/pair two-way bookshelf, $249 three-way center channel, $249/pair two-way direct-firing side or back surround speaker, and a three-channel two-way passive soundbar at $499.

The line also adds a $699 12-inch powered sub.