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Ecoisme Aims To Simplify Smart Energy Management

Krakow, Poland — Another smart-home energy-management system is hitting the crowdfunding circuit this month, this one designed with extreme simplicity in mind.

The Ecoisme system will detect the usage of all home appliances, provide real-time alerts when devices are left powered on, and provide suggestions on ways to reduce energy consumption, its makers said.

To install the system, users place a clamp sensor on the main power line and insert the plug into a power outlet. The clamp sensor measures current, while voltage, frequency and power are measured via the plug.

Spectrum analysis recognizes TVs, laptops or phone chargers by using impulse power blocks, the company said. The noise produced in the spectrum can help identify each individual device and can be further broken down to the specific brand of product. Small appliances such as irons are measured by their “fingerprints in power usage and time,” enabling the system to detect each device, the company explained.

The Ecoisme dashboard, accessible through a mobile app or web browser, provides a breakdown on the energy consumption for each household device. Alerts will be sent to a mobile device if appliances — such as an iron or oven — have been left on, and parents can monitor TV and video game activity.

Ecoisme can integrate with existing smart devices like Nest and WeMo, the company said.

Consumers can back the project for $199 on Indiegogo. Early adopters will receive $50 off.