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EchoStar Pushes New DishPVR System At $200

LITTLETON, COLO. — Not to be outdone in the integrated PVR/satellite decoder space it pioneered, EchoStar recently announced a promotion on its new Dish Network Pro 501 system.

The system, which uses OpenTV middleware to enable the PVR system instead of the WebTV-based DishPlayer it originally launched, is called the DishPVR 501 and has been designed to store up to 35 hours of programming.

EchoStar said the unit is now available at a $399 suggested retail and includes a Dish 500 antenna, capable of receiving signals from two separate satellite locations.

In the new promotion, EchoStar said it will sell the DishPVR 501 to new subscribers for $200, provided they commit to at least one year of programming at $39.98 per month. The offer is valid through May 31, 2001.

Also under a second special leasing offer, on May 1 new Dish subscribers will be able to get the DishPVR without buying any equipment.

That program, which runs throughout the year, allows new customers to get the DishPVR, a second EchoStar IRD, America’s Top 150 basic programming package, local TV channels (if available) and a free installation for $59.99 per month.

The program requires a one-year commitment to service and a $49.99 set-up fee, which includes the first month’s payment. No separate charge will be asked for the PVR service.

Meanwhile, EchoStar unveiled a forthcoming next-generation Dish PVR at its recent dealer summit. The DishPVR 721 will incorporate high-speed broadband capabilities using DSL connections or by bundling with either StarBand or WildBand high-speed satellite Internet connections (both are EchoStar partners).