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EchoStar Offers UHF Remote Upgrade

LITTLETON, COLO. — EchoStar said it is now offering an infrared-to-UHF upgrade kit that will enable consumers with Dish Network receivers powered by infrared-only remote controls to operate equipment from any room in the house.

Dish Network subscribers will be able to use the IR/UHF combination remote to control their satellite infrared receivers from anywhere in their homes, by sending signals via UHF radio frequencies rather than line-of-sight infrared light beams.

Although UHF remotes have been available in higher-end EchoStar receivers for some time, the upgrade kit will extend the capability to less expensive receivers.

Using the kit, Dish Network customers with multiple televisions connected to a single IR satellite TV receiver can operate their receiver with one remote control from any location in the house.

The IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit is now available for $69 suggested retail, EchoStar said.

The IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit is appropriate for customers who do not have line-of-sight remote control operation of their satellite TV receiver, or for those who want more control flexibility.

The pyramid-shaped IR-to-UHF signal converter has a 3-inch base and measures 4 inches in height. It also includes an antenna that may telescope an additional 8 inches. The converter weighs 8 ounces and plugs into a standard power outlet. While the kit includes a 9-foot IR extender cable, Dish Network customers can also operate the unit without the cable by sending remote commands from a position near the receiver or across a room via the infrared blast.

The IR-to-UHF Upgrade Kit is compatible with Dish Network Receiver Models 1000, 2000, 2700, 2800, 3000, 3700, 3800, 3900 and DISHPro 301.