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DVI Extension Opens Audio/Video Pathway

Broadcom, Genesis Micro Chip and Texas Instruments have collaborated on a consumer electronics extension for the Digital Visual Interface (DVI) cross-platform digital interconnect standard.

The extended standard (DVI 1.0) is said to be backward compatible with current DVI-enabled products. It offers “a wider range of use by allowing both digital video and audio transmission over the same cable while permitting the use of cost-efficient connectors,” according to an official announcement from the group.

The expanded standard can be applied to a variety of consumer electronics products such as DVD players, high-definition television (HDTV) sets and monitors and digital set-top boxes.

The key features include the transport of broadband high definition video and audio “in the highest quality available today,” the statement said.

To encourage widespread adoption of the standard, the companies are looking to make the extension of DVI 1.0 royalty-free. It was already released to the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) and the companies are planning to make presentations to the Consumer Electronics Association, DVD Forum and other key consumer electronic trade organizations.

Broadcom, Genesis Microchip and TI said they feel the extension proposal will unify the industry behind one, technically superior, secure, easy-to-use digital interface solution.