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DVD-Audio Decks Coming From Panasonic

Panasonic says it will change the home audio category with two new products coming out this October. The company has two DVD-Audio players on the way: the $999.95 DVD-A7, which will carry the Panasonic brand name, and the $1,199.95 DVD-A10, under the Technics moniker.

“DVD-Audio not only far exceeds the audio quality of conventional CD reproduction, but provides new enhancements that can combine listening with a truly interactive experience,” said Gene Kelsey, vice president and general manager of Panasonic’s audio group. He predicts a major role for the new players. “A DVD-Audio/Video player will be the cornerstone component of all home entertainment systems of the near future,” he said.

The players will accept and play conventional CDs, future DVD-Audio discs and DVD-Video.

“DVD-Audio is about to unleash an entirely new revolution in what we now simply call home audio,” Kelsey said. “It will be an attack on both our aural and visual senses, taking the performer yet another giant step closer into our living rooms.”

The DVD-A7 provides high quality audio and video, but, according to the company, the A10 has been designed with audiophiles in mind. Its power supply incorporates a system called Advanced Virtual Battery Operation. Using a capacitor to supply its charged power to the audio reproduction circuitry, the technique simulates a battery (a pure source of DC current) to “virtually eliminate” power supply noise for faithful reproduction of even the smallest signal information. Also, an R-Core transformer, which has a rounded shape to help minimize leakage flux and noise, replaces the conventional transformers with their squared-off corners and uneven flux patterns. And TA-KE II electrolytic capacitors are used throughout for better mid-high frequency response with lower distortion.