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Dual Electronics Floats New Marine SKUs

Dual Electronics is afloat with new marine-audio SKUs, launching 14 new SKUs that include a high-power 4×55-watt RMS head unit, an expanded selection of Bluetooth heads, and an expanded selection of heads that control a Pandora app running on a USB-connected iPhone.

At last week’s CES, the company expanded its marine selection to 43 SKUs from 34 in 2015.

With the launches, 14 SKUs in the 2016 lineup feature built-in Bluetooth, up from 11. The 14 include all seven standalone receivers in the 2016 lineup as well as five of eight receiver/speaker packages, a carryover Bluetooth-equipped marine amplifier, and a carryover Bluetooth-equipped smart EQ.

Bluetooth lets boaters play music from their phone through the audio system while keeping the phone protected from water, the company said. Similarly, the Bluetooth amplifier and Bluetooth EQ enable can be tucked away in places protected from splashing water.

The number of heads that control the Pandora radio app on a USB-connected iPhone goes to nine SKUs from 2015’s six SKUs. That feature is available in six of seven standalone receivers, consisting of three CD-receivers, two round gauge-hole receivers, and one mech-less digital media receiver. The feature also appears in heads that are part of three receiver/speaker packages.

From the controls of a Pandora-controlling head, users can give a track a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down,” bookmark a song, and switch between stations.

These heads also feature direct USB control of iPods/iPhone, a feature expanded to nine heads from eight.

For the marine environment, all Dual receivers’ displays feature high-contrast black characters on white LCDs for increased visibility in water-reflected sunlight. In addition, four SKUs, including the flagship receiver, (feature large three-inch full-color LCD displays, and eight heads feature extra-wide 3.7-inch LCDs so that larger characters stand out on a scrolling display even in direct sunlight.

Dual’s flagship head unit is the 4×50-watt $319-suggested AM505BT, is Dual’s flagship marine head unit, available in February. It features 3-inch full-color LCD display, built-in Bluetooth for music streaming, direct USB control for iPod/iPhone devices, control of the Pandora app on a USB-connected iPhone, and built-in 7-channel NOAA weather band tuner. It also features Android MTP (media transfer protocol), enabling USB-connected Android phones running Android 4.0 and up to display track, artist and album information on the head unit. MTP also delivers basic control (play/pause/FF/rev/random/repeat) of phone-stored music. Like Dual’s other USB-equipped heads, it plays music stored on a USB disc.

The flagship receiver also features RDS tuner, rear-camera input, remote, three-band parametric EQ, and a subwoofer preamp output with gain control.

New SKUs: The line’s 14 new SKUs include the single-DIN AM505BT, one gauge hole-size DMR, three CD-receiver/speaker packages, two speaker pairs, a $119 powered 10-inch sub, and a wired waterproof remote at $49.

Five other new products with RealTree MAX5 camo pattern design consist of one DMR/speaker package, two speaker pairs, an antenna, and a gimbal housing. The camo products are ideal for fishing and duck-hunting boats as well as for off-road vehicles.

Here’s a look at other select products:

The $149-suggested MGH25BT gauge-hole-size DMR features direct USB iPod/iPhone, Pandora control, Bluetooth, Android Media Playback via USB, two-line 6-character black-on-white LCD display.

The $129-suggested MCP1364BTS package consists of a CD-receiver with wide 3.7-inch LCD, Bluetooth, two pair of 6.5-inch dual-cone speakers, and water-tight splashguard with fold-down door.

The $89 MCP136BT package consists of a CD-receiver with 3.7-inch LCD, Bluetooth, a pair of 6.5-inch dual-cone speakers, and a 40-inch antenna.