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DTS:X Object-Based Surround Coming To Big Screen In 2015

Lionsgate Films plans to exhibit several films this year with the DTS:X surround format in select theaters, DTS announced.

Some of the titles planned for a 2015 release include American Ultra and Sicario on Sept. 18 and Mockingjay: Part 2 on Nov. 13.

The films will be exhibited in select DTS:X-equipped theaters in the U.S. The Muvico 14 in Thousand Oaks, Calif., is the first theater equipped with DTS:X sound. 

The Muvico is owned by Carmike Cinemas, one of the three largest motion picture exhibitors in the U.S. The company earlier this year announced plans to upgrade seven theaters to DTS:X beginning in spring 2015. The theaters are located in Columbus and Atlanta, Ga.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Rosemont, Ill.; Franklin, Tenn.; Thousand Oaks, Calif.; and Huntsville, Ala.

The films have been and will be mixed using DTS’s MDA Creator Tool, the company’s license fee-free, platform for creation of object-based immersive audio.

MDA “gives studios unprecedented control over the specific placement, movement and volume of sound objects,” DTS said. The platform also lets sound engineers “mix once” for both DTS:X and conventional cinemas in a combined object- and channel-based audio format. That enables content to be “easily distributed beyond the theater for streaming, broadcast, optical media and more,” DTS said.

DTS:X playback in cinemas requires the installation of DTS:X-approved equipment and working with the recommended speaker installation guidelines, the company said.

A DTS:X soundtrack has already appeared on a Blu-ray disc for playback in home theaters incorporating DTS:X decoders.