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DTS:X Content Options In The Works

Physical media: DTS:X will appear first on Blu-ray discs before it is adopted by streaming services, DTS executives said. The company said it is “confident” DTS:X Blu-ray discs will appear this year.

“Content announcements will be made by the studios when ready, in alignment with DTS,” the company added.

The technology is also expected to appear on future 4K Blu-ray discs, given that DTS:X metadata is delivered via DTS-HD Master surround soundtracks, which are approved for use on Blu-ray discs and will appear on future 4K Blu-ray discs.

The soundtracks of DTS:X Blu-ray discs will be playable on existing Blu-ray players, which will pass the audio content through their HDMI outputs as bit streams to DTS:Xequipped AVRs and AVPs for decoding.

The DTS:X soundtracks will also be compatible with AVRs and AVPs that lack DTS:X but incorporate DTS-HD Master decoding. DTS:X’s audible benefits, however, will be lost.

Streaming media: DTS:X supports lossless encoding, but for bandwidth-constrained applications such as streaming, it can operate in a “high-quality lossy mode,” the company said. The technology will appear first in Bluray discs.

Smartphone, tablets: DTS:X is suitable for smartphones and tablets that incorporate DTS Headphone:X, which will deliver the benefits of object-based surround through standard headphones. The company is not yet close to commercial development of a head-tracking version for use in virtual-reality headsets, said executive VP/chief marketing officer Kevin Doohan.

TV broadcasts: DTS:X will not be available for future over-air TV broadcasts conforming to the ATSC 3.0 specification under development. DTS removed its surround technology from contention but didn’t explain the reasons for its decision. The remaining objectbased contenders for inclusion in the ATSC 3.0 standard are Dolby AC-4 and MPEG-H, which was developed by a group of companies including Fraunhofer.