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DTS Play-Fi Gets More Licensees, New Features

DTS’s Play-Fiwireless multiroom-audio technology is coming to more brands and getting some new features.

Two more companies — Autonomic and SVS — have signed on as partners, DTS said. Ship dates haven’t been announced. SVS is switching from Qualcomm’s AllPlay wireless multiroom technology, which SVS previously planned to offer in 2015.

Separately, DTS added iHeartRadio to the list of streaming services available through the DTS Play-Fi app, and it enhanced high-resolution audio support with a new Critical Listening Mode. The new mode enables native rendering of high-resolution files up to 96kHz/24 bits “with no down-sampling or network synchronization adjustment so the audio files will retain their original audio integrity,” a spokesman said.

Previously, Play-Fi systems down-sampled high-res files to CD quality for transmission over Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

With Play-Fi, different brands of Play-Fi-equipped products can be mixed and matched to create a wireless multiroom system.

Brands offering tabletop speakers and other products with Play-Fi include Polk, Definitive Technology, Fusion Research, Wren Sound, DTS’s Phorus brand, Paradigm, MartinLogan, Anthem, McIntosh, and HP (for tablets). Brands planning Play-Fi products include Arcam, Asus, Voxx-owned Klipsch, Rotel, Sonus Faber, Dish, Wadia and Acer.

Klipsch will launch its products in the fall, including two soundbars, a powered speaker, a wireless streamer, and a streamer/amplifier, the company told TWICE.