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Dallas - A recently released tracking study on digital-to-analog converter boxes from Digital Tech Consulting (DTC) found that nearly 7 million units shipped during the second quarter of 2009.

The market research firm said the results were actually "healthier than expected."

An update to the study shows that nearly 45 million D/A converter boxes have shipped into retail outlets from the beginning of the coupon program through the second quarter of 2009.

"Given the high number of coupon applications received in June and the first part of July, it is likely that several million more will ship through year end," stated Myra Moore, DTC principal.

With the largest portion of the transition now complete in the largest market in world, DTC said that more activity waits D/A converter box makers. With the exception of Germany, The Netherlands and a handful of smaller Western European countries, the rest of the world has yet to pull the analog TV plug, DTC observes.

Some 79 percent of the countries in the world have yet to start commercial digital terrestrial TV (DTT) transmissions, although 42 percent have pledged to do so in the near future.

Still, no one market offers the same potential that U.S. transition did and not all countries have made a digital TV system conversion a priority at this time.

However, DTC pointed out, companies selling DTT receivers "don't have to worry about the well going dry just yet. From 2010 to 2013, some populous and/or prosperous countries are scheduled to shut off their analog systems â€” among them Canada, the U.K., France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and South Korea."

A significant number of countries are now testing, building, or planning a system, DTC said.

"Equipment suppliers will just have to work a little harder to tailor solutions to individual countries that will likely make their jobs harder by building systems that will vary slightly from country to country," Moore observed. "Plus, the transition has already been completed for the U.S., which has 100 million TV households. Not many of those kinds of TV household penetrations left in the world â€” oh, except for China."

For information on acquiring the full report, contact Myra Moore at myra@dtcreports.com.


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