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DS2: 200Mbps Powerline Networks Ready

DS2, the Spain-based supplier of powerline-networking silicon and software, staged an International CES demonstration, here, of a powerline network with a broadband 200Mbps datarate.

“Sixty percent of it [the data rate] is usable,” said business development manager Michael O’Hara, who also said production silicon is ready for incorporation into existing set-top boxes.

The technology can be used for in-home PC and A/V networking and for Internet protocol (IP) TV services, he said. “Our system is basically IP.”

DS2 envisions powerline-to-Ethernet adapters for computer networking and powerline-to-HDMI adapters for distributing high-definition content over powerlines.

The private Valencia company, founded in 1998, is also promoting its technology for use by electric utilities to deliver broadband Internet access to homes over existing utility infrastructure. The technology is able to coexist with HomePlug networks within a home, but HomePlug and DS2 speeds would slow down by a third, he noted.