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Dryers: Maytag Large Capacity Dryer With Steam And PowerDry

TWICE VIP Award 2016 Winner! When it comes to drying clothes, fast, consumers can depend on the Maytag Large Capacity Dryer with Refresh Cycle with Steam and PowerDry System. The PowerDry System features a powerful combination of heat and airflow, working with Advanced Moisture Sensing and an extra interior fin to get your largest loads evenly dried. With a 7.4-cubic-foot capacity, even the largest loads get evenly dried. The dryer’s Refresh Cycle with Steam then revives clothes, reducing wrinkles and removing any lingering odors. The Sanitize Cycle, using extra-hot drying temperatures, removes up to 99.9 percent of three common household bacteria, while the Rapid Dry Cycle dries outfits quickly. Using a spray of hot steam as clothes tumble dry at the end of a cycle, the Reduce Static Option is meant to cut down on cling.