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Draper Mounts Take On Bigger Plasma TVs

As plasma displays continue to get larger, mounts are correspondingly gaining in size to support the displays.

Draper is offering its line of Aero Wall and Ceiling Mounts and floor and table stands for the wide variety of plasma displays currently on the market, including the new large models from Zenith and NEC, said the company.

Draper Aero Mounts, designed to be rugged, functional and easy to install, offer built-in cable management and electrical outlets. An exclusive bracket slide can be fitted to any plasma monitor, making the Draper Aero more installer friendly.

In addition to wall and ceiling mounts and floor and table stands, the Aero line includes wheeled carts.

Suggested retails for Draper mounts range from $275 for a basic model up to $900 for more feature-heavy models.