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Dolby Flashes V For Pro Logic II

SAN FRANCISCO — Dolby Pro Logic II technology has begun to pop up in consumer products and will be in at least 23 products in coming months.

At least five products equipped with the technology are available and at least 18 more will be in coming months. The new products will include at least 15 receivers from Kenwood, Onkyo, Onkyo Integra, Sherwood and Denon. Some will be priced below $300. The other products coming up include two preamp processors from Fosgate Audionics and one from Parasound.

Current products that can be upgraded to add PL II are three Meridian preamp/processors and a TAG McLaren preamp/processor. A Rockford-Fosgate car processor is also available.

PL II derives a 5.1-channel experience from matrix-surround content and a surround experience from two-channel content. It also delivers full-range sound to surround speakers playing Dolby Pro Logic content.