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D+M Also Adds Components


Traditional home components were
among the new products introduced by D+M Group during
its recent press conference.

The products include three full-size Marantz A/V receivers
(AVRs), a new Denon universal Blu-ray player and two
new high-end two-channel Marantz components.

The group also announced the first Boston Acoustics active
2.1-speaker system with virtual surround processing,

In Marantz AVRs, three new full-size models are priced
at a suggested $649, $849 and $1,199. All are the first
Marantz AVRs with 4K passthrough and 4K up-scaling.
The flagship model is also the brand’s first AVR with second-
zone HDMI to transmit audio and 1080p video to a
second zone. All also feature AirPlay. One model ships in
June, the others in July.

Marantz plans July availability of its latest high-end twochannel
products, the $4,999-suggested PM-11S3 integrated
amp and the $3,999 two-channel SA-11S3 SACD/
CD player.

The latter features front-panel USB-A port to play music
from Apple mobile devices and USB devices. A USB-B
port streams 192kHz/24-bit asynchronous audio from a
PC for playback through the player’s 192/24 DAC.

The integrated amp features moving-magnet phono
stage and mono left-right channel isolation.

For its part, Boston Acoustics developed the $499-suggested
SoundWare XS Digital Cinema system, a 2.1 amplified
speaker system with Dolby Digital 5.1 processing,
virtual surround processing and separate subwoofer. Like
the passive speakers in the brand’s SoundWare line, the
XS’s satellite speakers are polyhedron-shaped moldedcabinet
models whose shape allows for multiple placement
options, including on a shelf, on a wall, in a corner,
and where the ceiling and wall meet.The system also features
stereo Bluetooth.

In other announcements, Denon plans July shipments
of its latest universal Blu-ray player, the $499-suggested
DBT-1713UD, capable of playing DVD-Audio and SACD
discs as well as DVDs and CDs.

The new model features an expanded selection of Internet-
delivered content sources and ability to be controlled
from an iOS or Android app when the player is connected
to one of Denon’s networked AVRs. Startup time is 2.5
seconds. It replaces a $499 model.