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DJI And Hasselblad Introduce First Joint Aerial Photography Package

DJI and Sweden-based camera manufacturer Hasselblad have released a drone bundle designed for commercial aerial HD photography and commercial applications.

The bundle integrates a DJI M600 drone and a Hasselblad A5D medium-format camera and is the first joint product following DJI’s acquisition of a minority stake in Hasselblad.

The M600 comes equipped with an intelligent six-battery bundle with customized power management, A3 flight controller, Lightbridge 2 Professional HD transmission system, a dust-proof propulsion system and app control.

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Hasselblad’s A5D camera combines sensors that are almost twice the size of those used in high-end 35mm DSLR cameras and a 50mm lens. Hasselblad’s proprietary Natural Colour Solution comes standard and helps optimize difficult color gradations straight out of the box, the company said. It has a 5-kilometer range for instantaneous transmission of video content. The body is sealed to keep dust out of the optics and sensor unit.

“Combining best-in-class aerial optics with the world’s most powerful aerial platform is a natural development for DJI and Hasselblad. We are delighted to provide this unique bundle to professional photographers, surveyors and mappers,” said Perry Oosting, CEO of Hasselblad.