DivX Site Returns Under New Team

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The www.divx.com site has returned. This time, however, it is not tied to Circuit City's pay-per-view DVD subsidiary, but to DivXNetworks, the developer of the DivX video compression technology that the company has dubbed "the MP3 of video."

The Web site will carry news, information and software downloads related to DivX video compression.

According to DivXNetworks, DivX is an MPEG-4 compliant video codec (compressor/decompressor) that enables the distribution of DVD-quality video over Internet Protocol (IP) networks at small file sizes.

"We started DivX.com in order to provide consumers with a clear path to navigate the hype surrounding video convergence," said Jordan Greenhall, co-founder and CEO of DivXNetworks. "A large international community of technologists and videophiles has already embraced DivX technology and digital video."

As the DivX movement continues to expand throughout the entertainment and technology industries, DivX.com will function as a central resource for consumers to witness video convergence firsthand, the company said.

The initial launch of DivX.com includes news, software downloads, video showcase, community forums and technical support sections. The news section includes latest updates on technology in the convergence space as well as editorials from technology, business and film experts.

The software downloads section offers DivX software downloads, including the MPEG-4 compliant DivX codec, the DivX video player, and various video and audio tools.

The showcase section offers high-quality video clips that can be sampled after downloading the DivX codec and player.


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