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Ditto Wearable Alerts Users To Calls, Notifications

Santa Monica, Calif. –Startup Simple Matters has developed a small clip-on wearable that vibrates to notify users of incoming calls, messages and notifications. It also alerts users if their phone leaves Bluetooth range.

The $29 Ditto, which runs on a CR1632 battery said to last for months, can also be used as a silent wake-up alarm that won’t disturb a sleeping spouse.

The device has no buttons or display and clips to a pocket, waistband, bra strap, shirt or on an included wristband. It’s waterproof for use in up to 1 meter of water.

Via a companion iOS or Android app, Ditto offers customizable vibrations to identify who a notification is from and whether it’s an email, text or phone call. The device can be set to vibrate only when the user flags certain notifications as important.

Ditto also vibrates when its battery gets low.

The device weighs 8 grams, measures 22 by 37 by 10mm, and comes in black, white or clear case.

Simple Matters co-founder Bob Olodort said the device would eliminate the problem of leaving behind a phone or missing a call or email because users didn’t hear their phone ring or feel it vibrate.

A Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 to bring the product to market is underway and runs through Nov. 25. The company said it has already engineered the device for mass production . The device will be available “shortly after” the campaign concludes, the company said. Details on distribution plans were unavailable.

Simple Matters was co-founded by Bob Olodort, whose inventions include the computer label printer, the Stowaway folding computer keyboard, and Samsung’s UpStage music phone, sold in the U.S. by Sprint. Marc Guren, also a co-founder, has been involved in the technology and venture-capital industries and has helped organize, develop strategic partnerships for, finance and operate a number of technology and retail companies, the company said.