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The Distribution Landscape


Did you notice any share shifts among distribution
channels in 2011?


Our channels of distribution have been very
stable and all performed to our expectations. It has been
a tough year for everyone, mainly due to this country’s
economic conditions. However, to minimize its effects,
we’ve worked extremely close with our dealer network
which has made this year less painful. We’re blessed to
have such strong partners who are willing to cooperate
and work with us.


E-commerce sales have grown, and this
will likely continue. Sales within the mobile electronics
channel have stabilized and could increase as the industry
experiences a slight recovery, which will be helped
if the overall U.S. economy shows signs of a recovery
next year.


We did not notice any dramatic shifts in distribution
channels in general throughout the industry;
however, our own business in the 12-volt independent
channel is increasing as we continue to put a greater
emphasis on developing and increasing this all important


Our standard brick-and-mortar channels
saw stable business in 2011. However, we saw growth
from our partners who have brick-and-mortar plus ecommerce
sales, and from those who have a pure ecommerce