DisplaySearch Ups TV Forecasts, As LCD, 3D Get Sales Boost


AUSTIN, TEXAS — The NPD Group’s DisplaySearch market research unit said it recently upgraded its forecasts for North American TV shipments to about 45.5 million units, representing 8 percent growth over 2009 (which itself was 12 percent higher than 2008).

DisplaySearch North American TV research director Paul Gagnon said LCD TV shipments will account for 41.5 million units, or 91 percent share of over all TV sales, and 11 percent year-to-year growth, while plasma sales are forecasted to be flat at 4 million units, or a little less than 9 percent share.

Of other display technologies, CRT sales will be “negligible at less than 100,000 units, while DLP-based rearprojection TV sets will come in at about 40,000 units this year,” Gagnon said.

“We are expecting some growth again in large size LCD TV share after a stagnant year for 2009 due to the recession. 40-inch plus share should rise to about 35 percent of units from 32 percent in 2009, which was down from 33 percent in 2008; 32 inches will continue to be the largest size category at 31 percent of all LCD TV units,” Gagnon said.

Plasma displays will continue a rapid shift to 50-inch-plus sizes in 2010. 50- inch-plus share was just 50 percent of North American plasma shipments in 2008, but rose to 60 percent in 2009 and should exceed 72 percent in 2010, according to DisplaySearch research.

As for sales by resolution, sets with FullHD 1080p will account for the majority of plasma units for the first time in 2010.

“Worldwide, we expect LED LCD TVs to account for about 20 percent of the total 180 million units of LCD TV shipments, but that LED share in North America will be higher, although I can’t say by how much at this time,” Gagnon said.

Many of the brands are targeting 40 percent to 50 percent of their sales this year will be LED models, although some entry-level brands will still be predominantly CCFL to hit lower price points, DisplaySearch said.

The overall balance of LED backlit shipments in North America for LCD TV shipments is expected to be from 25 percent to 35 percent.

For 3D TV, DisplaySearch’s worldwide forecast was for shipments of 1.2 million units; “however, that forecast was made in December, prior to International CES when Samsung announced its extensive lineup and many brands revealed their shipment goals,” Gagnon pointed out, adding that the 3D forecast model will be updated over the next few weeks and “with the upward LCD TV shipment revision, and the new information from CES, our revised 3DTV forecast will be higher. I’m thinking between 2-3 million units, worldwide, about half of that in the U.S.”


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