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Disc Makers Show DVD/CD Burning Towers

With an eye toward attracting home and commercial CD and DVD burning enthusiasts, Disc Makers will unveil its ReflexMax line at CES this week.

The three unit line consists of the ReflexMax1, ReflexMax4, and ReflexMax7. The models all have silver chassis with cooling fans to keep the units functioning during the burning process.

The ReflexMax1 has a single drive and will come in two flavors: one version that only burns CD-Rs, for $299, and another that adds dual format DVD capability for $490.

The ReflexMax4 has four drive units and like the entry-level unit comes in either CD-R or dual format DVD/CD-R functionality. The CD-R model will cost $790 and the step up unit $1,290. The top-end model, the ReflexMax7, has seven drive bays with the CD-R version expected to cost $1990 and the combo model $1,790.

All models come with an integrated hard drive of either 80GB, for the CD-R type, and 120GB for the DVD.