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DirecTv Integrates USSB Channel Lineup

Having received the necessary approvals for its acquisition of U.S. Satellite Broadcasting, DirecTv issued revised programming lineups, packages and channel assignments integrating the movie and sports services from its former partner.

The expanded DirecTv service now offers a channel lineup organized by specific programming genres, each grouped into similar channel number sequences.

Pay-per-view channels remain in the 100 range, while entertainment and arts channels are offered in the 200 range, news and information are found in the 350 range, premium movies in the 500 range, and sports in the 600 range.

DirecTv has also restructured its Total Choice programming tiers starting with the Total Choice Silver Value package at $39.99 per month. It includes 96 Total Choice basic channels plus the Starz! and Encore premium movie channels that were previously part of the DirecTv lineup.

The new Total Choice Silver Showtime at $44.99 per month includes the TC basic channels plus five channels of Showtime, two channels of The Movie Channel, Flix and Sundance Channel.

Total Choice Silver HBO at $47.99 per month offers the TC basic channels, five channels of HBO, two channels of HBO Family, and three channels of Cinemax.

The 96-channel Total Choice basic package remains at $29.99 a month, and the Select Choice basic package offers 42 channels at $19.99 a month. DirecTv will allow subscribers to add premium movie channels on an a la carte basis.

Other packages combine various premium services and will sell for between $49.99 and $80.99 per month. The top package – Total Choice Platinum – includes 154 channels for $80.99 a month.

Total Choice Gold remains a sports-centric tier and includes 122 channels at $39.99 a month.

The satellite provider said existing USSB and DirecTv subscribers will begin to transition to the new services in July.