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Directed’s Dock Mates With iPods, Satellite Radios

VISTA, Calif. — The $149-suggested Soloist Universal Media Dock, which incorporates NXT flat-panel speakers, is the industry’s first docking station to mate with more than two satellite-radio plug-and-play receivers (all from Sirius) and with iPods.

The Soloist mates with “many” Sirius SKUs, including headphone models, whereas the current Executive Desktop Dock mates with only two Sirius SKUs, the Sportster and Sportster Replay tuners. In another difference, the current model requires an optional iPod cradle kit for use with iPods, whereas the Soloist will ship with iPod connectivity.

The current model will be discontinued when the Sportster models sell through.

To accommodate Sirius tuners and iPods, Soloist features two embedded connectors, one for new Sirius tuners and headphone portables, and the other one for iPods. Three swappable plastic inserts support either a Sirius radio or iPod and cover the unused connector.

In another difference, the Soloist is a one-piece system, whereas its predecessor featured a base and two separate speakers.