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Digital Outs For DVD-Audio

Meridian brought digital audio connectability between DVD-Audio players and digital processors to lower price points.

Earlier this year, Meridian upgraded its card-upgradable 800 DVD-A/V player and 861 surround controller to include proprietary MHR Smart Link. The digital link uses three 75-ohm coaxial cables to losslessly transfer digital audio from the player to the surround controller. The 800 and 861 are available at suggested retails ranging from $17,000 to $20,000 each, depending on configuration.

Now, the encrypted SmartLink connection is an option in the 598 DVD-A/V player, ranging from a suggested $5,196 to $5,695 with option, and in the THX Ultra-certified 568.2 processor at $7,745, including option.

SmartLink lets users transfer full-resolution DVD-Audio, CD, and DVD-Video soundtracks losslessly in the digital domain from player to controller to the company’s DSP-equipped active speakers.

Meridian got the approval of the music industry and the 4C group of companies before it could get a license to offer the technology in the DVD players.