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Dell Augments New Notebook, PC Lines

Dell fleshed out its just introduced high-end XPS and entertainment computer lines with the addition of the XPS M140 notebook and the E310 desktop in time for the holiday selling season.

The M140 marks the first time Dell has used a 14W-inch display on a notebook, and it features the company’s MediaDirect technology that allows the user to access multimedia content without having to boot the computer, saving time and battery power. At 5.5 pounds, the unit is intended for use as a mobile computer, not just a desktop replacement. The base configuration, $999 suggested retail price, features a Pentium M 700 chipset, 512MB of memory, five-in-one media card reader, DVD burner and a 40GB hard drive. A fully configured unit will run in excess of $1,800.

The E310 is Dell’s second installment in its entertainment desktop series, first introduced in early October. A basic configuration consisting of an Intel Pentium 4 processor with HyperThreading technology, running at 2.8GHa, 256MB of SDRAM, 160GB hard drive and DVD burner. It carries a $599 suggested retail price.