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Definitive Targets Multiple Speaker Segments

Definitive Technology plans home-speaker introductions in a variety of market segments, including packaged home theater speaker, subwoofers, flat speakers for use with flat-panel video displays and in-walls.

The introductions will include the company’s second line-source in-wall speaker, a revamped Pro Cinema sub/sat series, and the company’s second single-enclosure, three-channel speaker for use with flat-panel TVs.

The new line-source in-wall is the Reference Line Source 3 (RLS3) at a projected $499 each. It’s a smaller and less expensive version of the continuing $649-each RLS2. Both can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The new three-channel speaker, the Mythos Solo XL, is a $999 model intended for use with 50-inch plasmas. It will join the $699 three-channel Mythos Solo, intended for 42-inch displays. Both can be mounted on a wall, placed on top of a TV or placed on a shelf stand. Crossover design, a curved baffle behind a flat grille and a D’Appolito-driver array for each channel combine to widen the front stage.

In the new 800 and 1000 Pro Cinema packages, Definitive brought satellite technology from its upper end Mythos line and subwoofer technology from its upper end SuperCube subwoofers, said president Sandy Gross. In the systems’ satellites and subwoofers, passive radiators have been added to deepen bass response and improve the satellite-to-subwoofer transition. Upward-firing passive radiators in the left and right satellites lower the 3dB down-point to about 70Hz from 110Hz. The bass boost is achieved in the center channel via two side-firing passive radiators.

In the ProCinema subwoofers, a down-firing passive radiator lowers the 3dB down-point about eight to 10Hz to the low 20Hz range, he said. The subs also deliver more detail than their predecessors and improve transient response.

Both systems will be priced about 10 percent higher at $1,099 and $1,499.