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Deezer Streaming Coming To U.S. Via Integrators

Denver – Deezer, the Paris-based music-streaming service, is establishing a U.S. beachhead through the custom-integrator channel.

The company is exhibiting at the CEDIA Expo here for the U.S. launch of its Deezer Elite 44.1kHz/16-bit FLAC streaming service, which will be available only through Sonos systems sold by integrators. Integrators will get a $50 commission for signing customers for to a subscription.

The FLAC service launches Monday in the U.S. and will be followed by other levels of service later this year, said Tyler Goldman, CEO of Deezer’s North American business.

Other Deezer marketing programs for installers include a free subscription, a mobile-device app that streams Deezer and signs up customers to the service, and installer-dedicated customer service.

For consumers, Elite service costs $10/month for an annual subscription and $50/month for a month-to-month subscription. The service includes the ability to stream to a mobile device and store streamed songs for off-line playing on the mobile device.

Outside the U.S., Deezer also offers compressed-music streams but didn’t say if those would be among the new service tiers that it intends to bring to the U.S.