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Danish Company Readies Wireless Door Locks

New York — A Danish company is bringing a Bluetooth door lock and a combination Bluetooth/Z-Wave door lock to the U.S. market through Amazon’s home-automation store and Best Buy.

The company, Poly-Control of Aarhus, Denmark, also plans additional access-control products for the residential market later this year.

The company’s first two devices will be available Oct. 21 in Amazon’s store, followed by availability through Best Buy.

The two products are the $159-suggested Danalock with Bluetooth Smart (low energy) and a $179 Danalock with Bluetooth Smart and Z-Wave. Both locks consist of a circular aluminum housing in silver or bronze. The housing replaces a dead bolt’s thumb turn on the inside of the door, enabling consumers to keep their existing deadbolt and outside keylock. The Danalocks are compatible with any almost any deadbolt and install via three screws, said Overgaard.

Amazon will cary both devices. On Nov. 1, 650 Best Buy stores and Best Buy’s online store will carry the Danalock with Bluetooth Smart. In early November, Best Buy’s online store will add the Bluetooth/Z-Wave lock.

With either door lock, users can set a Danalock app on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets to automatically unlock the door when the user is within a user-programmable range up to 33 feet. Users can also choose a “knock to unlock” option in which they unlock the door by knocking on the phone screen twice. Users can also send an encryption key via email or SMS to other people with the app, including trades people, to let them enter the home during a specific window of time.

Once a homeowner gets inside the house, they can manually turn the cylinder or press a button on the cylinder to lock the door.

With the combination Bluetooth/Z-Wave model, homeowners with Z-Wave-enabled systems such as lights, thermostats and the like will be able to trigger scenes when the door unlocks. The lock is compatible with Z-Wave hubs such as those from The Home Depot and Wink. Overgaard believes he offers the only door lock that incorporates both Bluetooth and Z-Wave.

The combination model uses four CR123 batteries, said to last for more than a year.

For additional security, the locks use EAS encryption and additional levels of security.

The device also provides a log of who enters and exits.

The company is talking to additional retailers but is focusing on Amazon and Best Buy for to launch its first two U.S. products, said Overgaard.

The products are being imported and marketed in the U.S. by Global TTC of San Clemente, Calif.

Poly-Control has been marketing Z-Wave door locks in Europe for about six years and Bluetooth door locks for 3.5 years. The company got its start 10 years ago as a commercial and residential integrator that had been making its own wired door locks.