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Dacor Shipping 30-Inch Gas Range

Dacor has begun shipping its 30-inch, high Btu-output Epicure gas range.

The commercial-look, stainless-steel unit provides homeowners limited to gas heat with a powerful, premium alternative to standard gas ranges, the majap maker said.

“Geographic areas such as New York City, Southern California and many mountainous regions are often limited to all-gas heat sources and consumers have to settle for appliances that may not offer the desired level of power or design appeal,” explained Dacor marketing VP Steve Joseph.

Joseph noted that the unit’s small size and ease of installation also makes it appealing to builders and remodelers who want to upgrade their clients’ standard kitchen package.

The range is available in a freestanding model with a 6-inch backguard or in a flexible island design for unlimited installation options. Features include Dacor’s exclusive Illumina burner control knobs, which glow in the brand’s signature flame blue to indicate that the range is on.

The burners themselves deliver professional-level accuracy over a wide range of cooking temperatures including simmer, sear or sauté, the company said. What’s more, the multiple sealed burner configurations allow cooks to simultaneously prepare different foods at different Btus in various sized pots and pans.

The oven offers four cooking modes —convection bake, convection broil, bake and broil — and a simple control panel with an easily accessible switch that allows users to toggle between them. An exclusive three-part convection system uses a fan, air baffle and convection filter to ensure precise oven temperature control, while the stainless-steel bake element, rated at 30,000 Btus, and increased power of the infrared ceramic broil element, provide plenty of cooking muscle.

The unit has an expanded window and interchangeable trim pieces in chrome, brass, copper and black chrome.