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D-Link Introduces HD Media Router 3000


D-Link introduced its HD Media Router
3000 with SharePort Cloud at International CES

The 3000 is part of D-Link’s premium product
line and is designed for the high-bandwidth needs
customer, said Joe Renani, of D-Link’s product
management team. The $169 device has 2GBps
bi-directional routing with 900MBps data-transfer
rates. The product is capable of supporting multiple,
simultaneous data streams, something that is
becoming more important as homes bring in additional
products like tablet PCs, Renani said.

The SharePort Cloud feature allows the router to
share data from a connected storage device, such as
a NAS, with other computing devices on the home network.

D-Link has also included HD Fuel. This is a Quality
of Service specification that tunes the 3000 to deliver
streaming HD media. HD Fuel comes preset to give
bandwidth priority to certain applications with video
considered the most important. The end user can go
into the system to reset the priorities to give gaming,
Skype, data downloads and other operations a higher

Other features include a USB 3.0 port, SD card slot
and four Gigabit Ethernet ports