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CyberLink Upgrades PowerDirector Family

   Cologne, Germany – CyberLink used Photokina Wednesday to introduce its latest PowerDirector family of photo- and video-editing products and suites offering greater customizability and flexibility of use.

    The new CyberLink family includes PowerDirector13 video editing; PhotoDirector6 photo editing; DirectorSuite3, a comprehensive collection of the latest photo and video editing tools; and ColorDirector3 and AudioDirector5, the latter two offered with various PowerDirector configurations.

    DirectorSuite3 ($299 suggested retail) is CyberLink’s complete video- and photo-production suite and includes PowerDirector13, PhotoDirector6, ColorDirector3 and AudioDirector5.

    CyberLink said it has upgraded its software collection to provide greater customizability and professional-caliber design tools and effects, particularly in the creation of transitions and templates.

    Overall, the DirectorSuite 3 collection offers new levels of design studio tools, photo adjustment, beautification, HDR panorama and background removal, color adjustment, motion tracking, HDR video, third-party plug-ins, film-style color presets, surround-sound panner, TT enhancement, color correction and audio correction, 64-bit productivity interface and enhanced project management.

    Breaking down the offering further, for the first time, PowerDirector 13 Ultimate Suite is a collection of video editing tools — PowerDirector13, ColorDirector and AudioDirector — and integrated CyberLink Cloud service (included for free with 10GB of storage), providing an easy way for users to backup and share projects and templates.

    Included is a suite of more than 100 design tools and effects with customizable transitions, video and audio effects.

    PowerDirector 13 provides a range of accessibility options to accommodate any user skill level, from an automated Easy Editor mode to Full Feature Editor that gives the user full control via the timeline interface.

    The video software also supports 4K and HD resolution levels, including 3D and Blu-ray, and, for the first time, support for the new H.265 video compression format.

     CyberLink said that despite the additional enhancements, PowerDirector retains its standing as one of the fastest video-editing programs in the market.

    Other improvements include a nearly rock-solid gyroscopic video stabilization engine, expanded multi-camera support that syncs up to 100 cameras, a series of improvements in coloring in the ColorDirector module, and additional filters in AudioDirector to remove unwanted noises and add special effects.

     As an example, AudioDirector now adds new voice-transformation features that enable changing the sound of a voice to make a man sound like a woman (and vice versa), or to sound like a Cylon robot from the original “Battlestar Galactica.”

    Other capabilities offered in the collection include:

  • ColorDirector 3 color grading and filters;
  • intuitive post-production color grading;
  • HDR video;
  • intelligent motion tracking;
  • AudioDirector 5 audio editing and repair for videos
  • direct soundtrack editing with support for up to 7.1 multichannel sound;
  • 5.1-/7.1-channel surround sound panner; and
  • Noise reduction and hum removal.

CyberLink is offering the new products in a variety of pricing packages and capability levels:

  • Director Suite 3 ($299), with over $800 worth of premium content, 20GB CyberLink Cloud for one year, PowerDirector Mobile (Windows 8/Android) and PhotoDirector Mobile (Windows 8/Android/iOS)
  • Director Suite Live subscription version, ($99.99/ one year or $49.99/three months)
  • PowerDirector 13 Ultimate Suite ($249) with $700 worth of premium content, 20GB on CyberLink Cloud and PowerDirector Mobile
  • PowerDirector 13 Ultimate ($129) with over $650 worth of premium content, 10GB on CyberLink Cloud and PowerDirector Mobile
  • PowerDirector 13 Ultra ($99.99) with 100-track multicam, 4K and H.265 support, 10GB on CyberLink Cloud and PowerDirector Mobile
  • PowerDirector 13 Deluxe ($69.99);
  • PhotoDirector 6 Suite ($149), with PhotoDirector 6, ColorDirector 3, 20GB on CyberLink Cloud for 1 year and PhotoDirector Mobile
  • PhotoDirector 6 Ultra ($99.99) with PhotoDirector 6 (Mac and Windows version), 10GB on CyberLink Cloud for one year and PhotoDirector Mobile
  •  PhotoDirector 6 Deluxe ($59.99), Windows version only
  • ColorDirector 3 Ultra ($129)
  • AudioDirector 5 Ultra ($129)