ZigBee Goes Commercial

San Ramon, Calif. —The ZigBee Alliance has certified the first products that passed its interoperability testing regimen. All four of the certified product, targeted to the commercial and industrial applications, are eligible to bear the ZigBee logo, attesting to their ability to network with other ZigBee-certified products.

ZigBee is a low-power wireless mesh-network standard designed to deliver wireless control and monitoring at low cost. The ZigBee Certified testing program is designed for modules and end-user products built on a ZigBee-Compliant platform. ZigBee-Compliant Platform testing is intended for platforms and chips used in end products.

Remote Technologies Ships Wireless Touch Panel

Eden Prairie, Minn. — Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI) has begun shipping a tabletop home theater touch screen controller that delivers wireless control of all home theater components but can optionally be hardwired.

The $2,499-suggested T4 Universal Controller, the company's new flagship, is capable of transmission via IR or RF (433 MHz) to an RTI Central Processor, and it has 802.11 built-in to access IP-addressable devices or Web pages. Features include features 6.4-inch color touch screen and 13 hard keys that installers can remove.

ViewSonic Adds Touch Panel

Walnut, Calif. — ViewSonic's V212 wireless tablet lets users access a PC's files via an 802.11b/g wireless network at a suggested $1,499, and a wireless Z-Wave option lets users wirelessly control home-control systems.

The 10-inch touch screen uses Microsoft's CE.Net technology to provide the look and feel of a Windows PC, incorporates no moving parts to improve durability, and operates for up to six hours on its internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery.


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