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Curb Readies Energy-Monitoring System

Austin, Texas – Startup Curb plans September availability of an energy-monitoring system that connects to a home’s circuit-breaker box to monitor energy usage by zone or by appliance in real time.

The system also notifies users when things are turned on or off and when electrical equipment starts to fail, the company said.

The Curb Home Energy Intelligence System delivers energy-usage data to an Apple or Android app in real time so consumers can immediately determine what is driving their energy consumption, said CEO Erik Norwood. Currently, a consumer’s bill arrives a months after energy is consumed, making it “impossible to figure out what is driving the costs,” he said.

The system consists of a Curb sensor box, which is installed in a home’s circuit breaker box and connects to multiple sensors that clamp around individual circuit wires. The company recommends professional installation through Curb partner installers in the U.S. or by an electrician.

The base model at $249 monitors the whole home while also monitoring four zones on an individual basis or four individual appliances. It’s designed for apartments or smaller homes that are less than 800 square feet. The $349 model monitors the whole house as well as 16 individual zones or appliances. A $649 Pro Duo model consists of two Pro units for larger homes with electrical panels.

The app lets users see the amount and cost of energy being used and provides a breakdown by appliance, device or zone. It also projects an electric bill based on current energy usage, lets users set energy-consumption thresholds, delivers safety alerts indicating abnormal energy usage such as a curling iron left on, and provides tips on reducing energy consumption.

The app also lets users compare energy usage from week to week and monitor solar-panel systems to see how much energy it is generating and if something is malfunctioning.

The Curb app will eventually control Wi-Fi-enabled products from partners to be named soon, the company said.

The company tested the system in more than 175 homes and businesses over the past 18 months and launched an Indiegogo campaign running through July 21.

Currently, Curb is selling online via Indiegogo but soon will sell in other online sales channels as well as through brick-and-mortar retailers, a spokesperson told TWICE.  Distribution will include home improvement stores, regional retail energy providers, and security companies.