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Crosley Launches ‘Secret’ Cleaner Promotion

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Independent distributor Crosley Corp. has launched a new promotion to support its private label Crosley line of clothes dryers.

Beginning this summer, the company is providing dealers with supplies of Dry Cleaner’s Secret, a laundry sheet that cleans and removes odors from garments when added to the dryer. Under the promotion, consumers who purchase a Crosley clothes dryer will receive a complimentary box of Dry Cleaner’s Secret, which contains six single sheets, enough to clean 24 individual garments.

“With the high cost of dry cleaning, this new product will offer a large annual savings to the general population,” said Crosley president/CEO Buddy Dixon Sr.

“Since a box of six sheets of Dry Cleaner’s Secret sells for $8.99 at leading grocery and drug stores, the yearly savings to the person doing the household laundry will be approximately $100 on the dry cleaning bill.”

He added, “For cases of emergencies, a package of Dry Cleaner’s Secrets will be a welcome addition in the laundry room.”

The laundry sheets, manufactured by Dry Inc. of Portland, Ore., are sold in supermarket and pharmacy chains nationwide and are used by the U.S. armed forces. Dixon noted that his corporate staff had also tested the product “with excellent results.”

The Dry Cleaner’s Secret promotion is part of an aggressive new campaign to support the Crosley house brand, which Dixon has described as “the only 100-percent protected brand in the industry.” The effort, announced earlier this year during the annual Crosley National Convention, included a promotion called “Independent Dealers Are Nuts Not To Sell Crosley,” in which the company distributed over a million bags of peanuts to merchants.

Crosley noted that its private label line is manufactured exclusively for independent dealers to provide them with “an exclusive ‘Kenmore’-type brand of their own.”

He added that the brand’s heritage dates back to 1937, when Crosley Bendix developed, patented and introduced the world’s first automated laundry products.