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Cordless/Cellular Hybrid Phone Enables Landline Replacement

USA will make its Verizon Wireless-approved
HomeCel 1000 landline/cellular
desktop phone available through distributors
in the next couple of months
to the indirect retail channel.

The hybrid two-line phone, expected
to retail in the low- to mid-$100 range after
cellular activation, features a corded
handset and keypad in the base, cordless
handset that uses 2.4GHz digital
spread spectrum technology, and expandability
to add three more cordless
handsets at $69 each. Consumers and
small business can connect one line to
the traditional landline phone network
to make calls, but the phone’s built-in
CDMA 2000 1x cellular transceiver can
be used as a second line to send and
receive calls and SMS text messages
from the corded and cordless handsets.
Buyers can also use the phone simply to
replace their landline plan with a lower
priced cellular rate plan, Waxess sales
VP Mike Wyatt added. The phone can be
added to a user’s existing Verizon family
plan for only $10/month, he noted.

The unit transmits up to a full 2 watts
to eliminate cellular dead spots in a
home or office, he noted.

An unlocked GSM version is already
available through distributors
in the low $100 range after activation,
and the company said it hopes to roll
out the GSM and CDMA models to
carrier stores.