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Cord-Free Headset Seen As Bluetooth Alternative

A new cord-free headset — said to be the first truly “cord-free” universal headset and an unwired alternative to Bluetooth headsets, priced “significantly” below Bluetooth units — was introduced here at CES by foneGEAR.

The non-RF headset, which is compatible with virtually all-wireless devices, is said by the company to be interference-free, safe and secure and have clear reception and long talk time. It is based upon magnetic-communication technology, operates at 13.57MHz vs. 2.4GHz and has none of the safety or security issues of Bluetooth.

A single AA battery provides up to 25 hours of talk time and the cord-free headset does not require a heavy AC wall adapter. It is a portable solution for hands-free and wire-free communications that works with a current phone, PC or PDA.

It consists of two pieces, a lightweight headset and universal base unit, which connects to most wireless communication devices. A 1 to 2.5mm universal and 2-Nokia connectors are included.

The unit, made by Troy, Mich.-based foneGEAR, includes speaker, flexible ear hook that can mount on either ear, a flag button that can call answer/on/off/mute, depending on phone model and a volume button.

Available in the first quarter, it has a suggested $79.99 retail.