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Concord Adds Waterproof HD Video Camera


Keystone (N5508) recently
introduced a low-cost waterproof
HD camera, meant
to compete with the growing
field of take-anywhere

The Easy Shot Clip HD
kit ($150) is an ultra-compact
model that captures
720p HD video.

It ships with a transparent
protective waterproof housing,
and mounts and brackets
allow the camera to be used
in a variety of shooting situations,
from placement on helmets to surfboards.

The Easy Shot Clip HD weighs 0.65 ounces
and measures 2.25 inches by 0.83 inches by 0.71
inches, while the housing measures 3 by 1.75 by
1.375 inches.

The kit is designed for a range of outdoor and
underwater uses. The case is water resistant to a
depth of 100 feet.

The video camera offers one-button operation.