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Pegasus America Opens For Business

Pleasonton, Calif.— Two former Seiko Instruments executives have started up Pegasus America, a company dedicated to creating handwriting capture devices. Mike Del Vecchio, president and Kirk Matsuo, marketing VP, said the firm's initial retail product is the PC NoteTaker, which will become available this month. Other then stating that the device will differ from the Tablet PC platform, the company declined to offer product details or pricing.

Hauppauge Digital Launches MediaMVP

Hauppague, N.Y. — Video card maker Hauppauge Digital entered the digital media server category with the introduction of its MediaMVP. It is a set-top decoder box that allows multimedia data to pass from a PC to a TV through an Ethernet-based network. An upgraded model scheduled for release later this year will offer WiFi networking. The MediaMVP will carry an $99 suggested retail price and ship in September.


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