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Compass Control

Compass Control® represents the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple’s iOS devices – iPad®, iPad mini®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® – as its backbone.  • Video: Excels in video control functionality; sources and displays are easily switched, turned off/on, and controlled with full button remotes. • Audio: Will deliver your music and audio content where you want it. Whether in the ceiling, in surround sound or through intuitive metadata feedback from your audio device. Compass Control makes these advanced systems as easy as a push of a button. • Lights: Sets the perfect scene for the lights in your home and business. Boasting full integration with the leading lighting control systems, Compass Control simplifies your lighting control interface, while increasing efficiency.  • Shades: Provides unparalleled access to blinds and shades control. Automated shades are a smart way to decrease power consumption, while delivering the perfect ambiance for your environment. • Climate: Compass Control gives you full control of your home HVAC and climate systems whether you are home or away, puts the perfect temperature at your fingertips. • Multi-Room:  Easily manage multiple rooms or zones with Compass Control. Each zone can be managed individually or managed altogether with full button control.