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Commodore Re-Emerges At International CES

This is not your father’s Commodore Computer. In fact, it is not the Commodore of 1970s fame at all except in name, a name the company will reintroduce into the American computer and CE market at International CES.

Once closely associated with gaming, the 21st Century incarnation of the company is geared toward delivering multimedia content throughout the home. Commodore will show two consumer devices at the show, the Commodore MediaBox and Navigator and a retail tool called the Multimedia Tower. Pricing and shipping information were not made public as of press time.

The MediaBox is described by the company as an all-in-one home entertainment device that serves as a multimedia server. It features a TV tuner, 80GB hard drive, DVR capabilities and connects to the Internet to download music and video content.

The Navigator is a portable GPS/entertainment device. It is based on a 20GB hard drive and a 3.6-inch touch-screen display. The device gives visual and audible navigational directions, plays MP3 and WMA files and is DRM9 compatible for playing downloaded music.