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COMDEX Keynote Speakers Named

With six months to go before the start of the 20th annual COMDEX/Fall event, organizers released a list of the industry leaders slated to make keynote addresses during the five-day-long show.

Confirmed speakers for the keynote series are: Bill Gates, president/CEO of Microsoft; John Chambers, president/ CEO of Cisco Systems; Nobuyki Idei, president/co-CEO and representative director of Sony; Scott McNealy, chairman/CEO, Sun Microsystems; Dr. Eric Schmidt, chairman/CEO of Novell; Rick Thoman, president/COO, Xerox; and Linus Torvalds, founder of Linux Operating Systems.

The focus of the 1999 show is expected to be electronic commerce technology, and the event will feature several programs designed to celebrate COMDEX’s 20th anniversary.

Show organizers are expecting 2,400 exhibitors, 10,000 product launches, and about 200,000 visitors.