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Cobra Bows Bluetooth Handset

Cobra Electronics launched a Bluetooth handset for use in cars earlier this month.

The BT 200 is engineered to pair Bluetooth technology with a combination microphone/speaker handset so that drivers can answer calls without suffering from wind and engine noise, and without damaging their cellphones. It features the company’s MicroBlue technology, which reportedly allows users “to make and receive crystal-clear phone calls through the noise-canceling headset.”

The Bluetooth capability enables wireless connectivity between a cellphone and the handset, Cobra said — incoming call audio is routed through the speaker, and outgoing voice audio is relayed through the noise-canceling microphone.

Hooking to a car with its included 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter, the BT 200 can be transferred from car to car, according to the company. Features include a green call button that begins conversations, a push-to-talk side button that un-mutes the microphone and a red button that terminates the call. It also has an illuminated display, caller ID, a phone book and a call log. The product is reportedly water, dust and UV resistant.

Suggested retail is $189. It willbe available in January 2009.