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Clarion Takes All-Digital Approach To High-Res Audio

Clarion’s $999-suggested NX706 CD/DVD/navigation receiver features decoding of 96/24 FLAC files, 96/24 DACs, and 4×19-watt RMS amplifier. A Toslink output is available to connect to a Full Digital Sound (FDS) processor, which sends audio in digital form right up to the voice coils of FDS speakers. The architecture ensures high-res audio is maintained without loss or the noise and artifacts added from analog connections, the company said.

“This full digital signal capability from source to speaker is an industry first for aftermarket car audio systems,” said Alex Gharapetian, VP of marketing and product planning.

Speaker and processor pricing was unavailable.

The head unit also features 7-inch WVGA touchscreen, 15-band parametric EQ with low- and high-pass filters, 3D maps, and HDMI input to mirror smartphones displays, though the head unit’s touchscreen will not control the phones’ apps.

The head also features two USB inputs, control of the Pandora app on an iPhone and Android phone, rear-camera input, and two-zone capability.