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Chief Upgrades Fusion Mounts For Hassle-Free Installs

Eden Prairie, Minn. — Chief said it has upgraded its Fusion mounts with features meant to ease installation.

New features include nesting spacers, so they can be stacked to achieve any depth and reduce waste; an integrated teardrop design that speeds up and eases installation through use of lag screws; and a magnetized ClickConnect design that makes it easy to store and access pull cords.

The redesigned end caps enable cables to be routed behind the poles, and additional lateral shift moves the wall plate around electrical and low voltage boxes on the wall. An integrated security lever makes safeguarding displays easier, said Chief, while included set screws can be used to keep the mount rigid and stable throughout the life of the installation.

Chief is also updating the packaging, allowing it to be hung on mount rails so pieces won’t be lost.

Fixed and tilt models will ship in April, with upgrades to the Fusion pull-out mounts to follow.