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CES To Be Popular Stomping Ground For Gaming Accessories Introductions


International CES, held here this week,
was set to be a hot spot for gaming accessories manufacturers.
Arriving just in time to maximize all those
fourth-quarter consoles, several companies came to
the show with recent and brand-new introductions.

CTA Digital

said it would show a variety of gaming
accessories during CES. The new Bowling Ball accessory
for the PlayStation Move enables users to replicate
the motion of bowling. It operates by inserting
the Move Motion Controller into the shell and comes in
cobalt blue. A wrist strap is included — the Move button,
Action Buttons, Trigger and PS Move button are all
mapped onto the ball.

The 5-in-1 storage and charging station for PlayStation
3 gamers is billed a solution that transforms PS3
gaming gear from a wired tangle to a modern and organized
gaming station. The stand matches the style, color
and finish of the PS3 Slim,
and all users have to do is
drop the controllers onto their
respective slots and they’ll
begin charging automatically
and wirelessly, CTA said. The
two Move charging bays accept
both Motion and Navigation
controllers. Status lights
at each charging bay are red
when charging and turn blue
when the controller is charged
and ready to use.

A third product, the Assault
Rifle, is compatible with
all PS3 first-person shooters,
with or without Move support.
It reportedly has every button
featured on a standard PS3 controller, including clickable
thumb sticks for strafing, running, changing weapons,
reloading and looking around within the game
environment. There is also an accompanying cradle attachment
for PlayStation Move compatibility, allowing
it to be used for both Move-enabled and regular PS3

Features include a dual trigger, which lets users
switch between Move-enabled and regular games; a
built-in speaker; and the ability to sync wirelessly by
plugging the USB antenna into the console and pressing
the PS Home Button.

Pricing and availability will be given at the show.


has announced a cooling device and wireless
controller charging device for the Xbox 360 Slim
console. The Intercooler STS uses Nyko’s TempSmart
technology to provide increased airflow away from the
Xbox 360 S, which allows the console to perform in a
cooler, better ventilated environment. No internal modification
of the Xbox is required, the company said.

Nyko’s TempSmart technology is designed to automatically
power on the Intercooler’s fans when needed,
and then keep cooling the console after the system has
been powered down, until a proper ambient temperature
has been reached. The Intercooler STS is powered
by one of the Xbox’s USB ports, requiring no batteries
or AC adapters. It is able to operate in both horizontal
and vertical position, the company said.

Nyko’s Charge Base 360 S lets users store and
charge two Xbox 360 wireless controllers. It comes
with two custom NiMH rechargeable batteries with
special contact points that allow for an easy drop-in
and charge power solution, Nyko said. The dual port
recharging dock is AC-powered and plugs into any
standard outlet, requiring no cables back to the Xbox
360 console.

Each rechargeable battery powers the wireless
controller for up to 25 hours and reportedly charges
a single battery in two hours or both batteries simultaneously
in four hours. Features include LED charging
indicator and a powered USB port for charging an additional
controller or other USB device.

Pricing wasn’t given at press time.

Sunflex USA’s

line of accessories by Snakebyte
include a Move Motion Controller, Move Navigation
Controller and Snake-Eye Camera. The products are
said to be compatible with all Sony PS3 products and
third-party PS3 peripherals.

Both Move controllers are meant to be ergonomically
designed. They come with a
rubberized shell, and they also
have built-in USB ports that
are meant to help with firmware

The Snake-Eye Camera is
engineered to track gamer’s
moves. It comes with a mount
to attach it to a TV.

All of the products will be
available as individual items or
can be purchased as bundles,
Sunflex said. Pricing and availability
weren’t given at press

Thrustmaster’s Hotas Warthog
is billed as a full replica
of the joystick, dual throttle
system and dual throttle control panel of the U.S. Air
Force A-10C attack aircraft. It weighs in at more than
14 pounds, with the joystick, throttle handles and bases
constructed mostly of metal.

With 55 fully programmable action buttons and two
four-direction hat switches, each with a built-in push
button, it is the first joystick in the world to incorporate
such a feature, the company said.

Vision Concepts International

is introducing
Gamer’s Edge eyeglasses, said to increase gaming
performance while protecting eyes from harmful UV
rays and digitally emitted artificial light.

The patented lens filter reduces the glare from the
average gaming device while gently repositioning the
eyes to a more natural, comfortable position, relieving
the demand on the eye muscles, the company said. The
reduction in eye tension reportedly provides the gamer
increased visual comfort and acuity, thus improving
gaming performance. Suggested retail is $24.99.